BIOGRAPHYTufail Ahmad was born in Allahabad, India, and is son of a high school teacher. In 1958, he received his Masters degree in Commerce from Allahabad University. Later that same year, he migrated to Pakistan, and became an assistant professor at a college in Karachi. In 1961, he was selected for the Government of Pakistan’s Audit and Accounts Service and served in various capasities until 1973. From 1968 to 1971, he worked at the United Nations Headquarters as a member of the Pakistan audit team. In 1973, he migrated to the United States and worked in a shipping firm until 1977. In 1979, he established his own international trading company where he still goes on a daily basis.He has three children and seven grandchildren. His eldest son graduated from Winston Churchill High School, attended Georgetown University, and received an MBA degree from Harvard University. He is now a Vice Chairman in JP Morgan’s investment banking division in New York. His daughter also graduated from Winston Churchill High School and received a BBA degree from American University. She now works in the family business. His youngest son graduated from Landon School and received both BBA and MBA degrees from George Washington University. He now handles the daily operations of the trading company.Mr.Ahmad serves as a member of The Montgomery County Uptown Citizens Advisory Board and is also a Board Member for Committee for Montgomery. He received the Pollin Award for Outstanding Dedication to the community in 2002.He is involved in enhancing the dialogue among different ethnic and religious communities within the County. Toward this and post 9/11 worked to establish an effective dialogue between the Muslim and Jewish communities as a part of his effort to bring the communities together.He is deeply involved with the Democratic Party in Montgomery County and currently serves as Chair of District 15 Caucus and has also served as a Precinct Chair. In 2004, he received the Dean Peacock Award for Precinct Official of the Year.He is running for the County Council At-Large seat in the 2006 Election.House in Maryland


April 1211

Maryland Community News Online

Two to receive Montgomery lifetime volunteer award Ceremony to honor others as well by Kate S. Alexander, Staff Writer Montgomery County will honor two residents for lifetime volunteer service during its inaugural Montgomery Serves Awards ceremony April 30 at Imagination Stage in Bethesda. Among those to be recognized, Tufail Ahmad and Ruby Rubens were selected to receive the Neal Potter Path of Achievement Award, according to a county news release. Established in 1998 to honor volunteers 60 and older, the award was renamed in 2009 in memory of the former County Council member, county executive, and longtime civic activist. Ahmad and Rubens have been active volunteers in Montgomery County for more than 40 years, the release stated. Ahmad recognized the need for Muslim Americans to play a vital role in redefining their identity, initiated dialogue between diverse groups to design grassroots initiatives, and as a result, co-founded the Montgomery County Muslim Council, whose mission is to pursue equal social, economic, educational, and political development opportunities for all residents, according to the release. He also spearheaded efforts to help those in need including: feeding the homeless living in shelters, organizing the distribution of three meals per day for seven to 10 days during Ramadan for homeless women at Sophia House, coordinating a countywide food drive for the food bank, co-hosting various interfaith events, participating in the distribution of 3,000 to 5,000 pounds of fresh meat to needy families, and providing transportation services to assist seniors. Source: Click on the link.




“I want to congratulate Tufail Ahmad on being named Democratic Precinct Official of the Year. Tufail truly has been a leader in the Democratic Party and our community. I commend him on her service to our party and our ideals” Ike Leggett (2004)
 “Tufail is a leader who has proven that he can bring diverse communities together. I know that he will bring that leadership to the County Council” ~ Tom Perez – Member Montgomery County Council

“I have known Tufail Ahmad for over 5 years and I have seen firsthand his contributions to our community. I know based on his commitment to public service that he would be an effective County Councilman” Delegate Brian Feldman

Tufail Ahmad story is one of success and he has been an inspiration to many people in Montgomery County. I know that he will be a strong advocate for the people on the County Council. I am proud to support his campaign” Delegate Herman Taylor

“Tufail Ahmad was a strong supporter of my campaign for the Maryland Senate in 2002. Tufail Ahmad has always been there for me and the people in Montgomery County. He can be counted on to stand up and fight for the residents of Montgomery County” State Senator Rob Garagiola

The Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats in Maryland enthusiastically endorsed Tufail Ahmad for at at-large seat on the County Council.  Mr. Ahmad is a successful businessman who has for years devoted his spare time as a private citizen to working tirelessly for the Asian Pacific American community.  As a public official, Mr. Ahmad will be an effective and outspoken advocate for us.  Please vote for Tufail Ahmad on September 12th.” Paul Tiao

“Tufail Ahmad embodies the American Dream in that he came to this country as an immigrant, built up a successful business, and now works to ensure that all Americans get the same opportunities he got. Montgomery County needs
Tufail Ahmad in the County Council”
Sean Dobson, Acting Director Progressive Maryland/Progressive Maryland Education Fund



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This is great! I am looking forward reading more!

You are the first. Congrats.

It is a dedicated stroy which warms readers hearts as does the subject person when and whrever you meet him.Having known him continuously for almost half a centruy, I feel that I have not met many like him. He is a born leader, a good friend, a nice company, a very helpful person, friend in need and a modern ibne batoota. He has a heart of gold and a mind filled with platinum. May he live long and well.

Hi! Khalid. A good tribute to your old pal.
Now please post a heart-warming story which is part of Uncle’s as well as your own biography. Maybe some really catching story of Finance Service Academy days.

Samina, you are the first to write a comment on your father’s blog. That is a good start. Now what I would like to look forward to is this. Who would remember more anecdotes, incidents and other stories about your father that his own children? What I would like to see is full remembrances of stories in which you as well as your father are/were the actors.

Samina, you started my blog with your first message, Thanks
I hope others will also fill it up with their stories as suggetsed by Zaheer who is the creator of this blog. I am extremely grateful to him for this act of kindness.

Hopefully, by the end of next week my story will appear in instalments on this blog .

Khalid, I can not thank you enough for your friendship, kindness, and generosity towards me. Thanks

This is good. So you have got the hang of it ! I am sure you are going to enjoy this experience if you open up your writing and speak with greater fluency. This is part of your training as a published journalist..
Khalid wants you to do a colorful description of Yamuna and Ganga as you have seen them in Allahabad.
Note for Khalid. What you saw in Bangla Desh was Jumna. This river, Yamuna, loses it identity when it unites with its beloved twin, Ganga, at Allahabad. The Indian National Anthem, Jana Gana Mana, mentions “Yamuna Ganga.” It is this Yamuna.

J, you sound like a circus master or mudaari [juggler] producing new tricks all the time and surprising simple audience.

I can add many stories, some genuine and some made up but all edited and coloured. Right now, I can think of two.

In the Finance Services Academy, Walton, Lahore which has since become Civil Services Academy and where we spent about a year of our initial training after joining audit and accounts service , when we first heard Tufail speaking on a topic for some length, what fascinated me [and perhaps many others] were new pronunciation of some words. For example, he would call Z as Zee, as Americans do which was new to us accustomed to UK ENGLISH. Similarly, he would call eleven in urdu agaaro instead of giayara. His syle of speech was also novel. He would adopt a didactic tone and pull in his lips while emphasising a point. This was introducation, now the first story.
When we moved from FSA to A & A Trg. Institute, I travellled from Baghbanpura where I was staying with my maternal uncle, a distanc of about 5 km, by public transport. I thought that if I could buy a scooter it would be easy to travel. I put this problem before UT and he said no problem. You say you need about 2500 rupees to buy a scooter. Now if we pool 100 rupees each, we being 12 probationers [other than myself], can muster the required amount which we will loan to you and you can pay back 100 rupees a month which can be spared easily from our pay of 380 rupees a month. I was happy with this solution. It did not, however, mature because the first person he spoke to who was my closest friend in the batch, straightaway declined to join in the effort.. I learnt two lessons from this incident. One, that Tufail had heart of gold and a mind fertile with solutions and, second, that the best helping hand you can find is at the end of your arm [some quotation] and that one should not have great expectations from anyone howsoever dear and near. This lesson stood me in good stance in many instances in life.
Second story has the background of Audit Officers Residences in Gulberg, Lahore where some of us batch mates were residing and had very good company of others who were a little junior. We had good time as we were all very friendly, young, carefree, living in a posh area [there were quite a few renowned actresses living around.For example, Sangeeta who is now a director was an actress who alongwith her sister, Babeeta, making her career, lived in the lane in front of my house. Just opposite my 10-D, lived famous actress Rosina who would shout at people with whom she was angry and we would enjoy the outburst. Another budding actress Aalia lived a few houses away, Zeenat, a stalwart of old movies lived in the back lane and Mulka-e-Juzbaat of Punjabi films lived across the main road. When someone asked how was it that so many beauties lived in and around audit colony, a cynic [not J] said that they felt safe here, auditors being more careful than daring].

Once a plan was hatched that some of us colleagues and friends could get together in a bachelor colleague’s house and have some fun on a week end. We were mostly married and our wives were averse to our having a gay weekend. Tufail took up the challgenge and spoke to some of the wives and they heartily agreed to join the party and have a mangoe binge of their own alongside our party . We saw again the convincing capabiities and dipomtic flare of good old Tufail whom we had started addressing as Uncle due to his caring style and helping attitude.

This should suffice for the time being till j, you can edit it.

The second is a juicy story but doesn’t seem to say everything..
Give us some more stories.
I understand you are writing your own autobiography and your manuscript is in an advanced stage. You might like to share at least parts of it, some jolly stuff, on the COFFEE SHOP page of this blog. That page already displays two of your poems. Add more.

Here is another story about U. T. This relates again to our probationary days. We had gone to Karachi for commercial training of about 2 months. Jeddy’s father very kindly arranged that we 3 [Najm, the poet, Mani the bold and myself the dreamer] could stay as paying guests of an old chiristian lady who had a comfortable house smack on Dadabhoy Nauoji Road.

Incidentally, she had her son’s family living with her. That family had an angular, young daughter, Sonia who walked a cuvatious gait every morning while going to work in some office. The hostess kindly offered that we caould have breakfast with her for a small charge. The first morning we went to the kitchen, we had for company an old, wrikled, gnarled, seaman whom the lady called Captain.This gentleman ate breakfast in a style that frightened us for good.

I told UT that when I was living in PECHS, near Society Office before joining the Service and would be going to my then office, I was fascinated by a girl who liven on the corner of the street and boarded her bus from the same stop and sometimes we travelled together. I had a small conversation with her when we were walking back once and I asked her to lend me some books from her college library that I needed for preparing for my CSS exam. [What a transparent ruse!] So I said, “Uncle, I think, I am in love with that girl but I dont know how to proceed.” UT , a poineer of good causes, could not stay back and said, no problem, we would go and check up.

Next UT told me that he had brought his wife into the project and together they were going to the girl’s house and explore the possibilities of joining two love birds.

Next Sunday, UT with his kind and helpful Mrs. came. I picked up Zobaid, their firstborn who was just a few months and we marched to Society Office. Reaching the girl’s house, we found that, lo and behold, it was locked.

There were a group of old foggies, obviously retired neighbourers, who were sitting in the open field and playing Chess. UT approached them and asked about the house owners, indicating the locked house. They were so busy in their game that it was quite an effort to divert their attention to another subject. But that UT did and found a reply in instalments that Mr. Sheerwani [who turned out to be an officer of Customs Deptt.] had gone to his brother’s place at Quetta for a vacation after getting rid of his responsnsibility of having married his first daughter. Arhrhrhrh-a-dham, fell the romantic image. The bird had flown away and there was nothing to be done about it now. [You can either attend to the requirements of a new job or carry on a romance].

The fact, however, to be noticed is that a gentleman takes the bothersome job of chaperoning a cause which is not only difficult but also dangerous and in addition not very clear and belongs to a newly acquired colleague but he takes it up not only himself but enjoins his wife also and all that just to please a new young friend. I am afraid not many people would do it.

The eye doctor has advised me to have catarac operation since I was having difficulty in reading small letters in the computer. I. therefore, decided to wait till I get the operation and I am in good shape to continue my book project. But Jeddy advised me today to look at my blog which Khalid has filled it up. Khalid, you are amazing. You have so many stories about our association with you. I remembered some but not all. It is very nice of you to have recorded them. You remebered about the actresses living in our area but I don’t remember them at all. You were curious and romantic.

Rahmani was a good friend and he may have some more stories for the blog.

We are enjoying the snow in Washington DC.

I am impressed by the biography of Mr. Tufail Ahmad. The story, however, is half-baked. He shold also tell us the results of the election and, if he did not win, who did. We should also be given some analysis of the political situation there and whether the results were a fair representation of ppular opinion. What platform did he propose as his manifesto which had some originality? What appeal did he have to gain votes of
How did he propose to reconcile their conflicting interests?
What lessons are there for other Pakistanis who may aspire for political positions in the US. To what extent does general Islam phobia in the west affect the chances of Muslims in their aspirations? Did it affect him?
Being politically involved, he could perhaps tell us about the how US Muslims need to react to their environment to find better opportunities for themselves and also to help their brothers in Pakistan. I amsure he has much to say on these and other similar issues. Silence will not be a virtue when he is in a position to offer so much.
His presence on this blog is an honour for all of us. And we will be entitled to continung advice from him, given his obvious rich experience in Pakistan as well as in US. I think he will have some positive views on what is happening today inhis home country.
The comments on his biography are frivolous.

I agree with the comments of Mr Asif Amin. After the resent event of a bomb in Time Square it is all the more necesary for a person like Mr.Tufail Ahmad to be very active in expressiing his views and advice on the internet. This will also be of use to Pakistani proceding to US and Europe.
There is a liklihood of more similar incidents occuring. What should be our preparedness in the circumstances? What will be the fallout on Pakistani already living in US? One result will be increase in Islam phobia. What will be extent of its efffec in practical terms? What can influential men in politics like Mr.Ahmad, do to ease the situation?

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