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Article 1

Saddened by the doubts, cynicism and out right hate seen on media and most of my friends updates, am compelled to write this and clear at least some of the mystery surrounding Dr Tahir ul Qadri, whom my family has known personally since i was a child.

First and foremost Dr Qadri, is the mureed (spiritual disciple) of His Holiness Shaikh Tahir Allaud-din-Qadri of Baghad, who moved to Pakistan and settled first in Faisalabad and then Karachi. The house on sunset boulevard on the left with the green dome when ur headed towards Phase 2 is his. 🙂 Agreed upon by all the Sufi Saints and Shaikhs, including those of Syria, Egypt and Pakistan, Syedna Tahir Allaud-din-Qadri was the “Qutb” or Spiritual Pole of his age, the Grand Sheikh, heir of the Prophet’s mystic bounty. Many consider Dr Tahir ul Qadri to be his greatest student and his miracle.
Dr Tahir ul Qadri denied his Sheikh’s many requests to grant him “Khilafat”, (spiritual inheritance of sainthood) as he had taken an oath never to become a “Pir” (spiritual master) himself.
Dr Tahir ul Qadri belongs to the Silsila (Spiritual chain) Qadriya named after the Grand Sheikh Ghaus ul Azam Hazrat Abdul Qadir al Jilani of Baghdad.
The white headgear and the long garb he has worn since the last 10-15 years is the traditional clothing of the Sheikhs of this silsila………….to answer the tweet–“where does he get his wardrobe!”

He is not a Mullah nor is he a Maulana, as both are, contrary to popular belief, not just labels for bearded fundamentalist types but academic ranks. He is schooled from Sacred Heart in Jhang……which is a convent!!! (Surprise surprise!!!) He has an LLB and a Phd in Islamic Jurisprudence from University of Punjab where he soon after became a professor.
One of his first brushes with controversy were on a case of islamic ruling where he challenged the greatest books and masters of Fiqh (Islamic Law) and declared that a murdered woman’s blood money could not be less than that of a man. He was quickly branded “modern, heretic, secular” by the “Mullah’s” and Scholars.

The Tehreek e Minhaj ul Quran movement, with its centre in Lahore is a global organization with centers in more than 90 countries and millions of members……..including myself and my mom! 🙂 🙂 🙂
What we may not have heard about Minhaj ul Quran…….because all such names are pronounced “Al Qaida” in our vast vocab:

* TMQ (Tehreek e Minhaj ul Quran) has set up 572 schools including 72 colleges all over Pakistan with 120,000 students. These are schools NOT Madrassa’s. (Funded by Israel ?)
* 3000 Libraries including books, CD’s and DVD’s
* Set up Minhaj ul Quran Women’s league. (Funded by Taliban ?)
* Set up Itekaf City………where 40,000 people gather for Itekaf in the last 10 days of Ramadan and have been for the last 30 years. i have been there twice, it was awesome!
* Annual gathering at Minar e Pakistan for 12th of Rabbi Awwal for close to 30 years………if u think his jalsa was huge, u’ve never attended that party! I have 🙂 Funded by USAID ?
* Annual gathering of Shab e Qadr, 27th of Ramadan, one of the largest congregational prayers after Hajj and the Tableeghi love parade. (PS: he is not tableeghi, more on that later!) (Funded by India??)
* Minhaj ul Quran University in Lahore, which includes departments of Mathematics, Commerce and Management, Social Science and Humanities, Information Technology and Computer Science, English, Urdu, Arabic and Islam. Second campus in Karachi. Dr Qadri is the Chancellor.
*Minhaj Welfare Organization in 90 countries focusing on disaster relief, poverty relief and aiding blind and disabled people and raising scholarships for under privileged students.
*102 free clinics and blood banks across Pakistan (Funded by Google)
*Collective Marriage ceremony system, to aid poor people who cannot afford to get their children, mostly daughters married due to our cruel dowry system.
*1500 free water pumps to get clean water to rural areas across Pakistan
*System of FREE LEGAL ASSISTANCE for Abused and exploited women which attempts to get them through the police and legal system safely, raising awareness about rights and atrocities against women.(Funded by KKK)

*Dr Qadri himself has authored close to 1000 books, 400 in publication in various languages spanning, Sufism, Islamic Law, Social system, Science, Evolution, Human Rights, Philosophy, Translation and Tafsir of Quran (14 Volumes) , Hadith and science of Hadith (24 Volumes), Life of the Holy Prophet (14 Volumes, largest ever!), History of Islam, Constitutional Theory and more.

*Monumental 600 page Fatwa on Suicide Bombings……THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD which took him global. Search for his fatwa related interviews on BBC, CNN, Skynews. This work also led to him being appointed Advisor to counter Radicalism to the Gov of Britian.

*Conference for Peace—Wembley Arena, London. Interfaith event representing all faiths where Jews, Christians, Hindu’s, Buddhists not only came but also did Zikr and mid Zikr were asked to pray in their own ways to prove that Islam was not intolerant towards other beliefs as marketed by post 911 global media, Islamophobes and our own “mullah crew”. (Funded by Aerosmith)

He is also the only Islamic Scholar to have defended Salman Taseer’s murder and declared that the killer be tried for murder. There is a 1400 hour speech on this very case and the forged out of context blasphemy law clips so popular and quickly shared these days are from this speech. Please see the whole thing to get the correct perspective, and stop ignorantly promoting hate and cynicism towards a person who is the most liberal, broad minded and academically gifted scholar to have perhaps ever graced our nation.

For a commentary on his now famous dreams……..again, please google for the commentary, perspective and analogy before buying into the same media which you proclaim to be lies all year around. Read about the concept and interpretation of dreams in Hadith and the writings of mystics.

Dr Tahir ul Qadri is not a Saudi inspired Wahabi, Salafi, Deobandi, Tableeghi extremist. I hate to use these labels but unfortunately modern day Islam has more genres than House music! Neither is he a hard line barelvi, which is the other extreme of the Sunni sect.
He always has a Shia scholar accompany him everywhere and is one of the very very few Sunni Scholars to be loved, respected, admired and invited to speak at Majlis by the Shia community.
He is one of the few people, especially in Pakistan, who speaks openly condemning the Khwariji Movement and school of extremist Islam which has so successfully infiltrated, corrupted, hijacked and divided our beliefs. Research!! Dr Qadri is the foremost scholar working and correcting Sunni/Shia misunderstandings.

So to answer the FB update from the day of his first jalsa: Where did TQ come from and how did he mobilize so many people so soon ?………… took him 30 years of academic service, hundreds of thousands of speeches, 1000 books and lectures all over the world, teaching 2 generations of muslims globally. What you missed were his 30 years of serving a subject that did not interest you. Neither were you probably aware that his lectures have been broadcast, (recorded and live) on PTV since the early 80’s (and then banned by Zia), twice everyday on QTV, ATV, ARY, live broadcasts of all his major annual gatherings, plus huge amounts of media coverage from Europe and most superstar news chans. But we don’t watch or listen to bearded people. Ever. Unless its ZZ Top! Or Gandalf.

But it did interest millions in the world. Some of whom have travelled from all over to be with him in his march, donated millions to this cause,and paid for his security and bullet proof vehicle because it matters to THEM. And Pakistan matters to them and the future of pakistan matters to them. And maybe they could afford the media campaign and security measures. It doesn’t have to be funded by an agenda or agency. It could. Maybe it was. What if its not ? Do you know for sure ?

But yeah…..he didn’t win a world cup and he has a beard. And he came from nowhere, speaks weird english (coz he’s from JHANG!!), wears a white hat, cries during his speeches (which are delivered with a bit more passion and rage than we are used to), speaks often about the Prophet(SAWW) and his Ahle Bayt, brings his whole family to the march, and has thousands of people standing with him in bitter cold, demanding everything which most of us would agree with. Not a single one of them an extremist, neither are any islamic political leaders, organizations or scholars supporting him.(which is awesome!!!) He is not fighting democracy, he is fighting a failed system, very bravely, and trying to restore true democracy. I do not doubt his intention or that of those who actually made his march happen, the youth, the men, the women.

The responsible method would be to do a few minutes of google and use ur own intellect to sift through the truth and propaganda. Then maybe tally his ideology, track record and achievements with that of those who have had power again and again in our democratic system for decades, and draw your own conclusions, hopefully based on facts rather than indoctrination, prejudice, and media propaganda.
But don’t look towards Wiki………they blocked his page! 🙂

Dr Tahir ul Qadri is not a Mullah. But he is misunderstood, misquoted and was largely ignored.
Our music, art, fashion, lifestyle choices and ideas are not under threat by him or his movement. But our rights, freedom, safety and future are, under the system which he is fighting against.
To the marchers he is a leader, reformer, hope. To the Sufis and faqirs, he is something else entirely.
And he did not come out of nowhere.

May the next couple of days be safe and historic for our country. May truth and bravery succeed and may we all unite for Pakistan. Under the banner of truth, not lies and propaganda.
May Allah protect us all from liars, thugs, thieves corruption and injustice and may our country finally attain the greatness which our nation deserves. Wish Pakistan an awesome future.

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Article 2


Dr Tahir Ul Qadri belongs to Qadiri Sufi order. This derives its name from Syed Abdul Qader Gilani . The order relies strongly upon adherence to the fundamentals of Islam and broader sense can be defined as belong to Barelvi school, it is much influenced by Sufism and defends the traditional Sufi practices. More than 50% of Pakistan Population follows this school.

He founded a Sufism-based organization Minhaj-ul-Quran International in October 1981 .The goal of the organization is  to promote religious moderation, effective and sound education, inter-faith dialogue and harmony, and a moderate interpretation of Islam employing methods of Sufism. Over the past 30 years, the organization has reportedly expanded to over 90 countries. During the March 2011 session the   United Nations Economic and Social Council granted special consultative status to Qadri’s organization Minhaj-ul-Quran International.

Dr Qadri reason for International fame is Fatwa on Terrorism 600 – page Fatwa .This Fatwa is comprehensive Fatwa against Terrorism and Suicide bombing.

All major Media outlets including CNN, BBC, CBC, Sky News, Al-Jazeera, ITV etc gave this Fatwa major coverage and fully endorsed his views .  Dr Qadri was declared the ‘International Peace Ambassador by the CNN-IBN .

This Fatwa was basically to refute the ideology of Al –Qaeda and Taliban and even declares terrorism as Kufr under Islamic law. . It is one of the most extensive Islamic anti-terrorism rulings, an “absolute” condemnation of terrorism without “any excuses or pretexts.  He considers modern-day terrorists as Kharijis, a group of people that, according to Qadri, existed since the time of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and created fitna (chaos) in society and thus should be eliminated at all costs.

This Fatwa was endorsed by United Nations, US State Department, and British Government. Al –Azhar University and Vatican also endorsed this Fatwa. Pope Benedict XVI, David Cameron, Bani Ki –Moon and many other world leaders supported and endorsed this Fatwa.

Person who helped Dr Qadri  with the promotion of his Fatwa is Dr John Louis Esposito . He is a professor of International Affairs and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University. He is also the director of Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal center for Christian Understanding at Georgetown University. In 1988, he was elected president of the Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA). He has also served as president of the American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies. He served as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy from 1999 to 2004 and is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Council of 100 Leaders and the High Level Group of the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations. He wrote the  foreword his Fatwa. He is known to be very pro Muslim He is well known as a promoter of strong ties between Muslims and Christians.

The Introduction of Fatwa was written by Joel S.A. Hayward a famous author Professor of International and Civil Security at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi.

Some of International events

2011 – Dr Qadri also at spoke at the World Economic Forum in January 2011, main focus was his Fatwa

“Peace for Humanity Conference” at Wembley Arena in London – This event was attended by 12,000 participants from all the world faiths- This event was also endorsed and was supported by United Nations ,Vatican ,Organization of Islamic Cooperation and many world leaders .

In July 2011, he gave a lecture on the issues of terrorism and integration at the Parliament of New South Wales in Sydney.

On 30 November 2011, Qadri delivered a lecture at the “Peaceful Future of Afghanistan” conference in Istanbul, Turkey which was organized by the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution of George Mason University and was attended by more than 120 Afghan leaders

On 22 February 2012, Qadri visited Delhi for a four-week tour of IndiaQadri delivered a message of peace and said: “Terrorism has no place in Islam”, while addressing the fatwa book launch in Delhi

Many believe, this is part of ideological war against Deobandi school, which is quiet influenced by the Wahabism. Majority of KPK Paktoon population follow this school of thought even though majority of Deobandi are peace loving people but Sipah e Shaba and Talibans represent militant wing of this school. Around 20 % population follows this school but they control 75 % madrasses thanks to General Zia and Jahad in Afghanistan against Russians.

There is also speculation he is supported by Western World. According to The Deputy Chief of (US) Mission, Richard Hoagland, “US administration doesn’t bet on individuals or political parties and Qadri is not an exception at all,”

It seems every one trying to figure out a way to benefit from his March /protest and want piece of him. Establishment may want to use him to weaken current government and install interim government of their choice and to make sure future govt of their choice is installed

Other political parties want to join hands but same time does not want to take any risk associated with bad outcome of this march. PTI and MQM come under this category. MQM want to counter the Taliban influence in Karachi.

Chaudries are looking to use him to use him against PMLN in Pujab, and they are acting as liaison between him and Government .Religious parties like JUI and JI are opposing him because of ideological differences, as they belong to Deobandi School.

He is insisting he is there to safe the country and want reforms and want to restore true democracy.

There are rumors he is indirectly  used by Zardari to delay elections.

Historically Barelvi vote does not follow closed-group dynamics, which means that it is not likely that all Barelvis will  vote for whoever is favored by Qadri but there can be change in trend . May be any one who join hand will benefit with this trend.

His followers are lower middle class, most affected by current corruption and mismanagement .These people are very religious,mostly from Punjab /Sind, most of ladies taking part of this march are wearing Hijabs . What he is saying is making a lot of sense ,his demands are reasonable.He message is resonating with common man. No question he is very good speaker and has ability to control crowd with his speaking power .



5 Responses to "Dr. TAHIRUL QADRI"

‘Wait and Let the man speak….. and surely he will expose himself’
On the yardstick of wisdom, What was this March on islamabad, in aid of ? Dissolve Govts,. Dissolve Parliament and assys., Dissolve ECP, announce interim Govt NOW……. NOTHING HAPPENED .He was shown a face saving “phichly wali putli gali” to go back to face Canadian authorities.
Just waste of National time and money, using women and children as human shield. All it resulted was to give more credence to Politicians for their wisdom and governance.
“Jis ka kaam , ussi ko saajay”
Chuddoji Mitty paoo.

Amazing article..good to see someone defending dr tahirl ul qadri..he is an asset to our nation 🙂

Thousand of beautiful Islamic pictures, Hadith, Sayings, Wallpapers, Picture Quotes and lot more!

Wasti Bhai, ye jo aap ne last year baat kahi thi, i.e. ye shakhs buhat jald expose ho jayega, so in a year’s time he has actually exposed himself. What he wants is nothing but power and power alone and for that too he is using religion which is an emotional issue for all of us and hence an effective tool to achieve his ends. In addition while facing the state power, he either confines himself in a bullet proof container or launches his students, or the graduates of his seminary as human shield.

He sells himself and sells so cheaply asking for petty benefits for his own person like installation of barriers, providing him a bullet proof vehicle and release of his workers etc.

This is the man who talks of Inqilab but has not the courage enough to talk of issues and the solutions thereof so that people of Pakistan can be rid of the problems they face by every moment, by every hour, and by every day.

As I have already said, a man is known by the company he keeps, The great doc of Islam has on his right and left such people like chaudhries of Gujrat, Sheeda Tally of Pindi, Gen Mush of Karachi, Altaf Bhai of MQM, (who themselves have remained knee deep in corruption) which one of these has not remained in power???? And why they did not bring that high promised revolution when they had the power……..

Maen na tau Nawaz Sharif Ka supporter hoon aur na hi uska voter magr ye zarur hae ke inn behroopion ke muqablay main wo kuchh tau baihtar hoga.

Agar aap Dunya News channel ke programme main jo purani videos MuP, an acronym not of Mush Pervez but Mahirul padri (name not given by me but by the noted columnist Humayun Gauhar) ki dikhai gyi haen, uss main hazrat ne Mian family ki tareeefain krtay waqt zameen aasman ke qalabay mila diyay haen. Abb wuhi Mian Sahiban gardan zadni thaehrtay haen,

Muzaffar Warsi apni swan e hayat “Gyay Dinon ka Suragh” main likhtay haen: TUQ ko Mian Sharif ne Shadman ki masjid se utha kr Ittefaq masjid ke mimbar pr la bithaya. Plot diya, ghar diiya, garhi di, Issi TUQ ne baehnon ke nam pr mazeed plot liye. Phir issi TUQ ne Mian Sharif ko kaeh kr apnay bhanjay ko taehsildar lagwaya, Bhateejay ko thanedar lagwaya.

Mian Sharif ne issi TUQ ko Rana Jawed Qadri ke tawwassut se 16 lakh Rupay diyay. Issi TUQ ko 40 tulaba ki acadmy bana kr di jiska kharcha her mah wo yani Mian Sharif ada krtay thay. Aur sabb se berh kr ye ke Mian Nawaz Sharif apnay kandhon pr bitha kr TUQ ko Ghaar e Hira pr lekr gyay. Iss safar main baqoal khudd TUQ ke Akhtar Rasool bhi MNS ki maddad krtay rhay.

Warsi mazeed likhtay haen: jabb maene (TUQ aur Warsi aik hi garhi main ikkathaty safar kr rhay thay) TUQ se poochha ke jab Mian family ke aap pr itnay ihsanat haen tau abb aap kis munh se unko bura kaehte ho. To TUQ farmatay haen, “Iss main ehasanat ki koi baat nahin, ye tau ikk deal thi Mian Muhammad Sharif se, ke aap mujhr pr dunya kharch kro ge aur main dunya ko deen pr kharch krun ga.”

App issi se iss Maulana Sahib ki zaehniyyat mulahza kr leejiyay.
Islam pr itni berhi kitabon ka musannaif aur ander se daikh lain kya soch hae humaray inn azeem inqilabi sahib ki. Inn ke saath assr e hazir ke Che Guewara, Vladimir Lenin aur Karl marx jaesay Inqilabi az qism Sh Rasheed, Ch Bros. of Gujrat, supporters and solicitors of Retd. Gen. P. Musharraf, Altaf Hussain of MQM jaesay inqilabi hoan kyun na wo aik azeem inqilab le kr ayain ge???????

do u think still think molana will change some thing.. he is a con artist like amir liaqat ali and others.. sad thing is they with army help and PTI are trying to over throw NS govt and I am a PTI voter and supporter but disgusted with Imran hunger for power.

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