Posted on: July 26, 2010

Sara is a five year old. She attends school in Lahore. Earlier this month her mom, Amina, who is my daughter, took her to Karachi to attend a wedding in the family. There Sara met with her Karachi cousins as well as cousins from abroad, including Marium from Canada, Maheen, Daniyal and Mehreen from California and Minaal fron UK. When she returned to Lahore I asked Sara to dictate an email to me which will be typed out by her Api Maria on the computer. I had asked Sara to tell me about her Karachi trip. Sara has done that. It is an autobiographical travelogue as published here.
Nana and Nani how are you? I miss you a lot.
In Karachi, I played with Manaal and Mariam and Mehreen and Daniyal . And I didn’t do anybody katti. [She means she did not fight with anyone]. And are you missing me or not? And I had so much fun in karachi. I went to Karachi in PIA and came to Lahore in PIA. The PIA plane was big one when I went to Karachi and a small one when I came back.It was medium when I came back to Lahore. When we were landing, Ali bhai said in the airplane, that ‘dua karo kay airplane ki gandi si landing na ho.’
I played jumping jacks with Mariam.  In jumping jacks we have to jump one by one and if anyone falls down then he/she is out and if anyone jumps and stands then he will win. And I wore a gharara in Karachi shaadi and valima, green pajama and silver dotted clothes and silver slippers that were very very brand new. 
And in both functions I played with everyone and made new friends. And when I came to Lahore I missed Mariam. Manal is in Lahore. But I also miss Mehreen and Daniyal and Mariam.
In the shaadi was chawal and chicken pulao salan and naan and chutney and ice-cream . I missed you a lot there. And there were lots of and lots of people over there. And they also gave me a gift. In that gift was one beautiful doll in which she is wearing a very nice dress and heel appals. And the chappals are looking like gold and diamonds. I had fun in Karachi and now I will tell you all about Lahore.
In Lahore I make lots of friends, in shaadis and valima. And Maria Api also misses you. Nana jaan and Naani jaan, you both are very good people. I finished maths homework and Urdu homework. And you know now I am going in class one, and now I am five years old.  When you were in Lahore I was four years old, now I am five years old.
I love vanilla ice cream so much, but papa doesn’t buy me vanilla. But I love daddy. And I love purple color and pink color. I like rainbows.
Lots of love,
Sara Mir.


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