Posted on: May 4, 2010

There is a growing sense in Pakistan of the helplessness of the ordinary people in the running of the country and an increasing pessimism about the future, judging by recent opinions on your website.It seems a point of no return is around the corner.

Its possible that what I proposed recently for here, could be adapted for Pakistan also, with suitable changes in the aims and objects. The idea is to harness the power of the people by a non-political Party functioning outside the orbit of Government, but capable of influencing it by united action, within the laws of the country. It will attract those who have creative ideas, but have no outlet for putting them into practice. The Party will not help or favor any member, but will always act as a bloc to counter tendencies that are detrimental to the welfare of the nation, by lawsuits, non-violent boycotts. It will own its own TV and radio for keeping the members informed, round the clock. Once our thinking turns in this direction, the possibilities are endless. The subscription should be absurdly low to enable millions to join, generating enough funds to implement its objectives. This appears the only viable option under the present circumstances.

The audio of my interview by Rick Archer in Fairfield, Iowa, is in the  link, along with some comments and my consolidated response. Am new to this, but did the best I could. If you cannot download the audio, reading the comments and my reply would be next best.
For some time now, I have in mind a registered non-political People’s Party whose membership is open to all of voting age, with a subscription of $1 per month. Millions can be expected to join, once they read the manifesto, giving the Party ample funds to implement its goals. These are partly given in my response. The Party will not hold any political position or support any candidate and will function within the laws of the nation, but outside the ambit of the three branches of the Government.
The main purpose is to give the people a voice and implement the “by the people, for the people” part of the definition of good governance. The Party will utilize the best brains in the country to prepare tapes on  every important sector of our personal life and distribute them to every  household in America. We thus share equally in the wealth of knowledge,wisdom and expertise of outstanding individuals – the true essence of democracy. This would elevate the quality of life led by the whole nation. In time, we can expect other nations to follow suit, so the whole world gradually would imbibe the best options for optimal living.
Have also suggested Islands of Peace, thousands of small buildings  where one could spend ‘quiet time’, listening to soothing and relaxing tapes or meditate to neutralize stresses and release beneficial energy for mutual benefit.
Fali Engineer
Click on link below to read about Fali Engineer and click on the audio button on the page to listen to his interview


8 Responses to "PEACEFUL DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION– by Fali Engineer"

Thank you, Jeddy, for your initiative. This may just be a pipe dream, but one never knows in these uncertain times.
Fali Engineer

My dear Fali,
I agree that all ideas, especially in their original formulation, do not survive: they sink away as pipe dreams. Make others make it to shore. At this point it would help if you would ask all your friends by email to access TREASURE CHEST and study your thesis attentively to give you feedback. Some may reject it outright and hopefully give their reasons. Others may accept it with modifications they may suggest. Maybe you yourself need to work a little more to add to or modify your present ideas. I myself would like to say a few things here, but the subject is complex so it is not possible for me to write in detail. But do find time to read to the end of this email and see what I want to say. My proviso is that thinking people need to get together to identify the issues, to come to more definitive conclusions and to work out courses of action to set the ball rolling, albeit as a humble start, with perhaps twenty or less people sitting together.

I will give one example. Once upon a time and long ago, (1905) on a cold winter morning in Chicago, an attorney by the name of Paul Harris met in his office with four friends. They reminisced about the friendly spirit of the small towns of their youth. How about a club, they imagined, where we can recreate that same spirit again? They decided to meet in rotation in the offices of each of the four to plan their project. That rotation scheme created the name “Rotary.” Today the Rotary International is the world’s largest service “club” operating in every continent. In Pakistan alone we have about a hundred “clubs.” These units are delivering the fruits of their own uplift projects to under-privileged communities across the length and breadth of the country. Rotary’s biggest world success now has been in doing away with the previously wide spread curse of polio.

So, after creating a mental image in more finished form, what will be needed for your project is for a few people to get together as the starting forum. These will need to be people with shared ideals of sincerity and truth. Many thinkers have written in detail about a “super brain” which comes in to being when like-minded people come together for a united purpose. The super brain is not a sum of the participants’ consciousness aura. It is far more than that with heightened awareness and potency. By saying this to you I am of course carrying coal to Newcastle. You will need to elaborate and blend this idea into your model also, I believe.

My objective in telling the time-worn Rotary story is to illustrate that all forward movements start as pipe dreams. Some good pipe dreams fall by the wayside, some lie waiting because their time has not come, and some dormant ones wake up because their time has come. What we need is not less pipe dreams but more of them. We also need to look around for older pipe dreams because their time may have come.

In Pakistan old recipes do not seem to be working very well. Daily hardships can drive large sections of people beyond the borders normalcy. They would lose their grip on objectivity, balance, sense of reason. They may take to the streets, tearing out their hair and clothes, or setting themselves on fire. The daily struggle to survive creates serious behavioral abnormalities across the board. Apart from these elements which anyone can identify, there are other stressors. Amongst Muslims the rise of hate versions of religion is an important stressor. It creates mental aberrations of serious hostility and can over flow into, or trigger, real mental disease, especially amongst younger enthusiasts. This is also true of political hatreds which also lead to the same extremes of hostility and intentions of homicide.

Another important stressor, to by mind, is the stress of living in insufficient space, a consequence of over-population. I would like to talk about this in a little more detail because this may not have occurred to most people as important.

There was a famous experiment done in 1960. A few rats were places in a closed cage. To start with the rats behaved as would normally be expected. Gradually more and more rats were added into the same cage. With increase in the number of rats abnormal behaviors set in. At first, with more crowding, rats became hyper-aggressive. Addition of more rats led not only to an increase in hyper-aggression but there was also a neglect of infants and a failure to nurture the young. With further addition, mortality rates increased. Next emerged abnormal sexual patterns. With addition of still more rats infant cannibalism set in with rats eating their own young. In the final stage hostile behavior increased to an extent in which rats were killing each other. They were kept supplied with food and water at all times. You can read some extra material on this research by clicking on the following link:

Another psychological stress, which I think is avoidable, is our separation from quality art. For instance, the kind of music most people, and their children, are into is roughly of hard rock quality. What effect does this kind of music have on people? I print below a transcript of an article on this subject.

Hard Rock Makes Killer Mice
He may have won top regional and state science-fair honors, but probably at least some of his friends aren’t talking to him. Sixteen-year-old David Merrill, a student at Nansemond River High School in Suffolk, Va., thought that the loud sounds of hard-rock music must have a bad effect on its devoted fans and came up with a way to test that damage.
Merrill got 72 mice and divided them into three groups: one to test a mouse’s response to hard rock, another to the music of Mozart and a control group that wouldn’t listen to any music at all, rock or classical.
The young vivisectionist got all the mice accustomed to living in aquariums in his basement, then started playing music 10 hours a day. Merrill put each mouse through a maze three times a week that originally had taken the mice an average of 10 minutes to complete.
Over time, the 24 control-group mice managed to cut about 5 minutes from their maze-completion time. The Mozart-listening mice cut their time back 8-and-a-half minutes.
But the hard-rock mice added 20 minutes to their time, making their average maze-running time 300 percent more than their original average.
Need we say more? Well maybe we do. Merrill told the Associated Press that he’d attempted the experiment the year before, allowing mice in the different groups to live together.
“I had to cut my project short because all the hard-rock mice killed each other,” Merrill said. “None of the classical mice did that.”
You can read this article at the following link

There is darkness. Let us burn one candle.
Where should I send my FIRST dollar ?
Let us start our own “Rotary”.
Unless we stop “LEADERS” running political parties as P.L.C on the strength of their ill gotten money , we can not change any thing.
Why wait ?
Syed Haroon Wasti

Fully agree, wud like 2 join.

Jeddy, it is as if a hidden spring of life giving waters has surfaced to invigorate thirsty pilgrims. To utilize this pent up energy of hope and direct it intelligently is the role of you pioneers in this experiment of
giving birth to a party that initiates change without basically changing itself; just as an ocean always remains a body of water because no waves of motion break off permanently from it. This gives us a clue to both the ultimate size of the party and the nature of its aims and objects. It has to end up with over 50% of the population to give it an almost unshakable base with enough funds and numbers to effectively safeguard the welfare of the citizens by appropriate action within the Constitution, whenever the legislative, executive and judiciary branches of the Government fail to do that. The subscription may be Rs.100 monthly or Rs.1000 annually.

Appropriate action would include filing class action lawsuits against agencies, both public and private after grievances affecting large numbers of society are not redressed by discussions. Also to hold officials accountable would be the biggest benefit by publicity through the independent TV and radio stations of the party, apart from the Internet. Lack of accountability in a democracy degenerates into legalized banditry. I’m sure your agile minds will come up with many other issues of a national nature where the party would play a constructive role. In all this, only collective action is envisaged, with no help or assistance extended to individuals, however deserving. Thus the present sense of helplessness felt by individuals would be replaced by the power of collective action by the many, for the many. The party would of course hold no public office or support candidates in elections.

At present there is a great imbalance between the haves ( minority ) and the have-nots ( majority ), leading to exploitation. An important
work of the party would be to assemble the best brains in the country to
prepare tapes in areas of health, sanitation, social consciousness,
education etc. and make them available to every household. This would distribute the wealth of talent, knowledge, wisdom evenly and elevate quickly the quality of life for all. Again, you would enlarge on this to cover more areas like adult literacy.

I feel the name of the party should revolve around the concept of insanyaat (spelling ?) because the aim of Islam is to encourage us to be the best we can be at every level of our being – responsible human beings.

We know that stress is the greatest factor in distorting our nature that is usually positive and progressive, with disastrous results witnessed today. So great attention to stress management is essential for the party to function in a cooperative manner. For this Allah Meditation is an easy procedure, requiring no concentration or contemplation. It is easily taught and gives deep rest (twice of sleep) to the nervous system, which neutralizes stress and allows the mind to think in
a more orderly manner, apart from its health benefits.

I know there is a lot of spadework required to even make a start.
Legal brains should register the party first and a manifesto prepared to attract membership. Maybe a Convention to begin the process be held,
with different committees to draft guidelines for incorporation into the ultimate Constitution of the party.

Am greatly encouraged by the spontaneous creativity of thought and eagerness to act on them. You people are the pioneers of the party and your unity of purpose and strength of conviction will be like the strong nuclear force that holds the nucleus of an atom together in an almost unbreakable bond.

Fali Engineer

i have visited your have collection of beautiful poetry.i want to add this poetry in my website “”.i hope you will allow me.Please visit my website which is in urdu language having urdu adab section and old indian pakistani songs.

I am not a poet. All the poetry you see on my blog is from other poets, mostly acknowleged. My contribution is to write the verses in Romanised form. You are wencome to reprint what you may like.
M. Zaheeruddin Jeddy

The idea attracts me and I would like to join and do my bit.

As already hinted by M/s Fali & Jeddy, a lot of work has to be done to give a tangible shape to the idea. My suggestions are:-

1. I believe that political institution is the top org. among all institutes simply because it is the most powerful body in a state. It affects all institutions and they follow it. Unfortunately, in Pakistan we did not have a very strong political isntitution, look at the political parties and their performance over the years and you find that not a single party has done anything for the people at large [may be it is a sweeping statement]. The only creditable thing that I can remember to be ascribed to a political party is some social work such as cleaning the streets and bringing forward ordinary people in front line in a good enough numnber is the MQM. But look at its performance in political field and you get disappointed.

So the party being discussed here should have to be political in nature [though it may not want any position or may not join in power struggle].

2. Forming a party is not a single man’s job. Any movement needs a team. The major failure of Tehrik Insaaf is not being able to find a team. Do we know any name other than Imran Khan’s. On the other hand, all good parties had good teams, may it be formerly Muslim League,PPP etc.

First of all, a devoted group of people have to gather together [may be electronically in the beginning] and chalk out the sketch and fill in the wanting requirments in consultation with each other. The leader has to be dynamic and committed.

After the above two steps have been taken, the thing can roll on.

This humble comment is given in good faith. Thanks.

As a follow up of these discussions, We tried to float ” A White Dove Movement”. A meeting was arranged and conducted at Jb. Manzoor Sb.’s house. About 15 well meaning , educated and Experienced men met. Every body had best intentions but none exhibited the zeal to face the rigors necessary to motivate the public to the extent that a desired change / revolution may occur.
Democracy can not come through text books. It comes through the street politics and direct involvement of people. The practice of politics in the drawing rooms is the luxury that no one wishes to exchange with street politics so the democracy is the dream that will not become a reality in foreseeable future unless an other ZAB surfaces. On the subject, a “Dana-e-Raz ” also advised me that the “Powers” in Pakistan are so securely seated that they will not allow any change to come against their benefits and may even ruthlessly counter any public awakening so any effort would be dangerous and a piped dream.

Haroon Wasti

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