Posted on: April 26, 2010


Benefits for Senior Citizens.    Commendable Decisions.

1 .The maximum deposit limit both in Pensioners Benefit Account (PBA) and Bahbood Savings Certificate (BSC) has been increased to Three million rupees and profit increased to 14.16 %.(Rs 1180/- per month  per hundred thousand) The facility of subsequent deposit in blocks of 5000/-(conditions apply in PBA) has been allowed in both schemes to avail the maximum limits of Rs. Three million and both these accounts are Exempt from deduction of 10% withholding tax.    But the profit is Taxable  ???

2. Income limit for Tax purposes, at reduced rate of  50 % applicable to Senior Citizens of 60 years and above, has been raised to 750,000/= from 500,000/= for Tax year 2009-10 and thereafter. However  With Holding Tax  need also to be reduced by 50% for Seniors..

3.  PIA has allowed 10% discount on domestic fare to senior citizens on production of NIC for travel within Pakistan. From Sept.2006, PIA International Air fares have also been reduced  by  10 %   on their network for Seniors. But with certain conditions ?

4.  Pakistan Railways has granted 25% concession for Senior Citizens on Pakistan Railways with the exception of few fast trains.with immediate effect as per pressnote dated 17th June 2005.and  50 %  reduction allowed to economy class travel in all trains from  July 2006.

5.    Decision has been made by Former PM for honoring   and creating separate queue for seniors at   Railway Stations, Airports, Banks, National Saving Centers, Post Offices and other places where Utility bills are paid.  Free entry has also been allowed in Public Parks, museums and libraries etc. which is commendable but full implementation is still awaited  / required   soonest. by the current Govt.

6. Lahore Gymkhana Club has granted reduction of 50% in monthly Subscription for Senior Citizens of  65 years and above. Seniors of  70 years with 30 years club standing get a further reduction of 25%. Likewise Defence Club of Lahore DHA has also agreed to reduce Monthly subscription of Senior Citizens of 65 years by 50% and  reduction in Admission fee  as well.
7. Benefits for Senior Citizens: – Decisions Awaited and Thereafter Implementation.
1. District Governments should establish Senior Citizens Cell and seek cooperation of the most talented/experienced section of the society for (a) family strengthening efforts, revival of values and fill up of generation gap. (b) form and mobilize group of senior citizens living in the area for Community Development Projects.Leadership Development, Career planning and development for the youth also poverty reduction.
Sharing of life experiences of the seniors with young groups will be most useful.
2.  The Ministry of Social Welfare of Provincial or Federal Government can also make use of the Talent of the Senior Citizens to solve Educational, Health, Environmental and Hygienic problems of the communities, of course, on voluntary basis.
3.  Public and Private Road Transport:   Make it obligatory to reserve seats for seniors. Display of signboards requesting younger persons to courteously vacate seats for their seniors.  Most important is reduction in Intercity – Bus fare.
4. International Travel by Air:   20% reduction is sought on PIA and other Airlines operating from Pakistan as is being   practiced in most of the developing countries including our neighbor India.

5. Health Care:   Priority may be provided for attendance/attention/Service to seniors. In Public Hospitals.  Private Hospitals and clinics may be persuaded to offer reduction in doctors fees and other Hospital charges  including clinical labs.
6.  Social Welfare Hospitals:   Can utilize the services of retired doctors who are willing to provide free medical advice, provided they are allowed to practice and offered space and respect which they deserve.
7. Health awareness: Special health awareness literature, relating to age- related health issues be developed and freely distributed to assist seniors for better maintenance of their health.
8. Justice and fair play:   Cases involving Senior Citizens be expeditiously decided by day- to- day hearings to avoid their exploitation.
9. Useful Employment : .Enable appointment of Talented, Experienced, and Healthy seniors for suitable work as consultants or experts on Projects or Administrative work on voluntary basis or on payment of   bare minimum living expences
10. Allocation of Land for Graveyards: Seniors are facing severe problems for their burial space   in DHA and other localities.  District Government   is requested to look into this problem and allocate more land for their existing graveyards.  DHA administration  is  requested to purchase more land  for burial  of their residents-relatives who are although living in DHA  are not entitled to be buried in DHA graveyard .  DHA could levy a  reasonable  charge for such burials.
11. Education:  Creating awareness for respect to elders through media, pamphlets and brochures. Approaching Education Department for including special chapters on social studies aimed at arresting the eroding values of youngsters. Guidance may be obtained from related verses from Holy Qurran   . Help could be sought from our writers also in writing stories & T.V. dramas to help strengthen our social values especially in respect of elderly persons.

12.  Division/Department for Seniors.    Federal/Provincial Governments may create division / department for seniors on the pattern of Women’s Division to enable institutional and permanent support of Government for seniors.

13.  A National Senior Citizens Fund be established wherein, besides Govt. grants, Younger generation be persuaded to contribute for their Rainy Days, on a defined pattern and Federal Govt. be requested to merge the EOBI in it or the scope of  EOBI be enlarged so that all able bodied Pakistanis  may contribute according to their income towards his/her retirement.

Compiled by M. Mazhar Ikhlaq    .
Ph: 92-42-5890887
Member Executive Committee
SCFP / DHA & Cantt. Chapter. Lahore

Updated  August 18, 2008.



This is important information. It needs to be well in the knowledge of those agencies and NGOs interested in welfare of the elderly.
From: Dr. Ali Akhtar
Benefits, Concessions and Schemes for Senior Citizens in India

Government of India has earmarked special benefits and concessions for Senior Citizens of India. Here is a brief compilation of same for your ready reference :
(1) Court cases involving senior citizens
The Chief Justice of India has advised Chief Justices of all High Courts to accord priority to cases involving older persons and ensure their expeditious disposal. [vide letter of Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment (SD Section), New Delhi, F. No. 20-76/99-SD dated 03.11.1999]
(2) RTI Act (Right to Information Act)
Second appeals filed by senior citizens and differently abled persons under the Right to Information Act (RTI) are taken on a high priority basis, according to a directive of the Central Information Commission (CIC).
For, senior citizens and physically challenged if appeals are already pending with the CIC/SCIC, they should write to the CIC/SCIC about their status.
(3) Health Care
(a) There is provision for separate queues for senior citizens at hospitals and health care centres when they visit for any health related concerns or clinical examinations. In Central Government Hospitals located in Delhi, namely, Safdarjung, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital and Lady Hardinge Medical College & associated Hospitals, separate registration counters/windows/rows are provided for senior citizens in OPDs to avoid standing in long queue.
(b) Assistance like wheelchairs/trolleys are also provided for senior citizens in OPDs of Dr. RML Hospital and Safdarjung Hospital, where they are attended on a priority basis.
(c) The Delhi Government runs special clinics for Senior Citizens in most of its hospitals in Delhi.
(d) There is a weekly geriatric OPD in Dr. RML Hospital and Safdarjung Hospital. At All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), preference is given to Senior citizens with regard to OPD consultation, emergency management as well as hospitalization.
(e) At Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi 104 beds are reserved for senior citizens. In other Hospitals including AIIMS, although there is no special reservation of beds for senior citizens, preference is given to them in admission and bed is allowed to them on priority.
(4) Finance & Taxation
(a) You are advised to refer to the Indian Income Tax Department for the current slabs of Income Tax including rebate admissible to senior citizens. As per recent finance budget 2012-13 (presented on 16th March, 2012) the threshold income when you start paying tax stands at Rs. 2.50 lakh per annum for senior citizens below 80 years age. For senior citizens who are 80 years and above the threshold income is Rs. 5 lakh per annum.
(b) The benefit of Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961 has been extended to the investments made under 5-Year Post Office Time Deposits Account and Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, with effect from 01.04.2007.
(5) Banking
(a) Government also gives a higher rate of interest to senior citizens on certain Savings schemes which it runs through its large network of Post Offices (Senior Citizens Savings Scheme) and Public sector Banks. For further details you are advised to contact your nearest Bank or local Post Office.
(b) Some banks like State Bank of India charge only 50% of the applicable prescribed charges in respect of following services:
i) Issue of duplicate passbook/statement of account
ii) Issue of cheque books,
iii) Noting of standing instructions,
iv) Stop payment instructions,
v) Charges of non maintenance of minimum balance,
vi) Issue of balance certificate,
vii) Signature verification,
viii) Ledger folio charges
ix) Minimum balance requirement is also 50% for these class of customers.
Please check with your nearest Bank on what special facilities exist for Senior Citizens and Pensioners.
(6) Telecommunications
(a) Department of Telecommunications has made special provisions for senior citizens who apply for a new telephone connection. The department has earmarked separate priority category for senior citizens wherein they can apply for registration.
(b) In case of any complaint or fault with the telephone a senior citizen’s complaint is redressed on a priority basis.
(c) MTNL (Delhi) gives 25% discount in rentals (Tariff Plan-250 only) and installation to Senior Citizens who are 65 years or above in age. Please submit proof of age when applying to MTNL for availing this concession. Application form for a new connection (MTNL Delhi) in senior citizen category is available here.
(d) MTNL (Mumbai) has a Non-OYT-Special category for Senior Citizens aged 65 years or above. To apply for a new connection in Mumbai, senior citizens can fill this application form. Whereas to avail senior citizen concession on an already existing telephone connection (MTNL Mumbai) this application form needs to be filled in.
Kindly note that these filled in forms are to be submitted to the MTNL offices in your city or sanchar haat. In case of any specific query you may call MTNL Help line 1500 from any MTNL number.
(e) BSNL: I did not find any scheme with BSNL where concessions were admissible to senior citizens. I hope BSNL would consider such rebates soon.
(7) Travel by Indian Railways
(a) Travel by Indian Railways is 40% cheaper for all male Senior Citizens who are 60 years in age or above, while women aged 58 years or above are entitled to 50% concession in fare. Indian Railways provides this fare concession to elderlies in all its trains including Shatabdi, Rajdhani and Jan Shatabdi trains. Kindly note that while travelling all Senior Citizens need to carry proof of their Date of Birth / Age with a Photo ID Card.
(b) There are separate Counters / Queues for Senior Citizens at all Railway Stations for purchase, booking or cancellation of tickets.
(c) Lower Berths: In trains having reserved accommodation, a combined quota of two lower berths per coach has been earmarked in Sleeper, AC 3 tier and AC 2 tier classes for Senior Citizens, Female passenger who is 45 years of age and above and Pregnant women.
(d) In the Computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS), there is a provision to allot lower berths automatically to male passengers of 60 years and above and female passengers of 45 years and above subject to the availability of lower berths at the time of booking of tickets.
(e) After departure of the train, if there are vacant lower berths available in the train, and if any senior citizen who has been allotted upper/middle berth, approaches for allotment of vacant lower berths, the Conductor/Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) has been authorized to allot the vacant lower berth to them after making necessary entries in the chart.
(f) Special arrangements are available for those who find it difficult to walk or move on their own. Wheel Chairs are available at all major junctions, District Headquarters and other important Railway stations for the convenience of Senior citizens and also for those who are in need.
(g) Indian Railways have recently introduced specially designed coaches which have provisions for hand rails and specially designed toilets for handicapped persons. These coaches also have space for wheel chairs.
(8) Travel by Airlines
(a) Senior Citizens are entitled to 50% discount on Economy Class fares on all flights of Indian Airlines subject to certain conditions.
(b) Air India gives 45% discount in economy class on domestic sectors to senior citizens (women aged 63+ and men aged 65+).
(c) Other Airlines operating in India also offer discounts to senior citizens. It is advisable to check with them before you plan your travel.
(9) Travel by Roadways (state transport)
(a) State Road Transport Undertakings have made provision for senior citizens for reservation of 2 seats in the front row of all buses.
(b) Some state governments also give concessions (in fare) to senior citizens, while some also have specially modelled buses for the elderlies.
(10) Law (Legislations)
(a) Maintenance & Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens
Indian Government has enacted a law for welfare of elderlies (senior citizens and parents). This law creates provisions for maintenance, protection and security of elders.
Download a copy of the Act
What was the need for this law ? (Statement of Objects and Reasons)
(b) Maintenance Tribunals for Parents and Senior Citizens in Delhi
(11) Old Age Homes and Recreation Centres for Senior Citizens
(a) Old Age Homes in India
(b) Recreation Centres for Senior Citizens in India



18 Responses to "BENEFITS ACCORDED TO SENIOR CITIZENS – Mazhar Ikhlaq"

Congratulations. Well done. Remarkable achievement on your part.

I am a senior citzen aged 80 plus.The only benifit I enjoy is the Pensioners Benifit Account and Behbood Account. If you are a pensioner and also a senior citzen, you can enjoy both.There is no deduction for tax or Zakaat. The maximum limit of investment for each is 30 lacs.The return each month iss Rupees 1400 per month for each lac. (Not the figure mentioned by you)
I have to stand in line like any one for paying the utility bills, at NADRA for ID card,Passport,post office,paayment of annual car tax etc.I get no benifit of being a Senior Citzen.

There are many nice things to say, but the big problem in our country is IMPLEMENTATION.

I was unce traaveling in a train with my daughter in America and got up to offer my seat to a lady. My daughter stopped me and said ladies have to give up their seat for Senior Citzens.Not the other way.

You are doing useful work. If you have a website that should also to well publicised in newspapers so that SCs are well-informed of previleges they are entitled to. You need to post volunteer representatives espedially at railway station booking offices to advise illiterate old passengers to avail of ticket concessions. It is not given in routine by railways booking clerks.
It is important for all Senior Citizens NGOs to work together to ensure that laws are passed in Pakistan on the pattern of what has been done in India. Anything less than that is eyewash.

Proposals frequently come up to the effect that voluntary services of senior citizens be used in many functions such as government departments and hospitals, colleges and schools. To prove this feasibility, I would suggest that voluntary services of senior citizens first be used by themselves to forward their own schemes more effectively. The Foundations may negotiate with the railway authorities to allow their representatives to be stationed in the booking offices see that senior citizens who come to purchase tickets are assisted in availing senior citizens concessions. This is all the more essential in lower class bookings where illiterate people come. They are unaware of the facility and booking clerks do not assist them by giving them the necessary information.
The foremost test will be for the Senior Foundations to recruit volunteers from their own ranks to do this social service. If they fail in this, they should withdraw their demand for filling up jobs again from which they have retired.
If I see any support for this proposal from the Foundation I will later suggest more avenues for using the services of thse volunteers in other very useful projects in which they do not have to run around asking for govrnment favours.

The reporting gentleman has listed six benefits given to senior citizens. Except for one benefit of concession in railway fare, all the other benefits are only for the benefit of rich old guys, most of them living in comfortable houses. Two benefits about payment concessions in some posh clubs are a shame and should not be made fuss about.
If these guys are not doing anything for poor old people of our country living below poverty line they shouls pack up and go home. Indian government has done lot for Indian poors. What is record in Pakistan?

I refer to the following demand of the senior citizens.
1. District Governments should establish Senior Citizens Cell and seek cooperation of the most talented/experienced section of the society for (a) family strengthening efforts, revival of values and fill up of generation gap. (b) form and mobilize group of senior citizens living in the area for Community Development Projects.Leadership Development, Career planning and development for the youth also poverty reduction.
Sharing of life experiences of the seniors with young groups will be most useful.
I disagree that Senior Citizens should go to government to establish cells and they should not do anything by themselves. There is a huge need for voluntary services in Pakistan and so many people are already doing it, such as Edhi. There are hundreds of others. Any of these welcome voluntary services. But senior citizens if they want to do voluntary service they will themselves find hundred of opportunities.
The first thing they have to do is to approach and list senior citizens who are sincere about doing voluntary service. It is possible there will be no one. So the first step is of Foundation to make survey and publish list of volunteers on this blog with residential address so that voluntary work is suggested nearest possible to their residence.
The next steps will be easy. I agree with Mr. Asif Amin that they should first post volunteers to assist old people to avail railway concessions, about which most people do not even know. Next volunteers should be placed as hospital visitors. Many patients are lonely and miserable. Senior volunteers should visit to talk and help such patients and give them company. This is a normal arrangement in all hospitals in advanced countries. This is a project which Senior Foundations can start after simple negotiation with authorities of government or private hospitals. They will immediately find welcome by hospital authorities. Another useful project will be for senior citizen doctors to deliver health lectures in nearby villages. These lectures should start with simple hygiene such as always boiling water for drinking and other useful information to avoid hepatitis and other diseases. Non-doctor senior citizens can start adult education classes in villages for illiterate adults. Senior citizen ladies can teach women. There are also so many other activities waiting for volunteer senior citizens. It is necessary for senior citizens Foundation to reply to these proposals and explain what problem they can have with respect to works outlined above. That is only way we can see they are really serious for voluntary work.

Dear All
I fully agree with the views expressed by Mr.Asghar Khan on the role of the senior citizens in the society. Senior citizens should volunteer themselves for the role best suited for them. This can bring about a great change and balance in the society. Since my retirement in 2008 I sufferred from vertebra collapse and remained confined to bed till late 2009 after which recovery started and now by the grace of Allah I am fully fit.I would be very happy if some one can help me to get some social service work or any other assignment that I can do.I am a training specialist with 12 years experience in international training and about 20 years experience in training in department of Auditor General of Pakistan. I retired as Director General Training Audit and Accounts Training Institute lahore.Education is my best preference.My paticulars are:
PHONE; 042-35222686
MOBILE. 0321 4855908
Since I am not to allowed to drive,I would need pick and drop facility. No other monetary consideration.I prefer pure voluntary service.
Thanks to all and Jeddy Sahib for keeping us alive.
with warm regards
Khalid Ali Shah

It is clear that senior citizens are valuable asset of the Pakistan. But they are suffering because of neglect of Senior Citizens Foundation who are not leading properly. It is tragedy that senior citizen like Janab Khalid Alishah had got to run from pillar to post to render services without any payment.
Voluntary services is need of the time. I want to know if any bosses of Senior Citizens Foundation have given even one hour of service for poor and needy by going to field. They have to set clear example by themselves. In the great Holywood film Gandhi, there is wonderful scene by which Gandhiji went to clean toilets of poor Hundus and fought with his wife because she is not doing cleaning work of toilets. In my village near Kasur there is too much fithhy sewerages. They give bad smell and also make children sick who are playing there. I took two cleaners and did lot of work for three days. But at that time I was not Senior Citizen. I cannot do voluntary work now because of arthritis and pain in back.
If bosses of Senior Citizens are not doing social work without monthly salary why are they giving big agandas to other people.
I want to congratulate Janab Khalid Ali Shah for setting noble example to be followed by other senior citizens.
Senior Citizens should immediately make survey of their members and publish details about volunteers so that they get proper chance of doing voluntary sevice in localities of poor people. Leaders should take part first with no excuse.

Zahid saheb. Where are you located? Please forward a brief biodata
Z. Jeddy. Web master.

Those living in paradise can’t feel the pain of those living in hell, as paradise dwellers are all exploiters:
Salhay kaar kujaa-o manay khraab kujaa
Baybeen tafaawate rah kiz kujaa ast taa bay kujaa

A demand of senior Citizens says” Allocation of Land for Graveyards: Seniors are facing severe problems for their burial space in DHA and other localities.” I have not seen any dead senior man facing problem for place to be buried. It is more important to ask for place to live in. What should a poor old man do if the rent of a small room even in kachi abadi costs Rs.500 per month? Senior citizens should demand small prefab houses of one-room be constructed for allotment to poor seniors who have no children to look after them. At least 2 lac units should be constructed in phase I. Senior citizens should raise fund from zakat of rich people and themselves start construction of 25,000 houses for which government should give free land.That will be proper and good demand. Sir kindly consider do this and pass resolution very early in your urgent general body meetings.

I have turned 60 today.
Do we have a 60+ online or otherwise Resource Pool; where one can register?
The Resource Pool may provide
local opportunities –
volunteer work,
sharing help and
helpful tips on concerned daily issues,
regular meetings,
as commented upon above.
Please feel free to email at

The International Senior Citizens Foundation
Dear Brothers,Sister/Friends
I am Razi ullah khan from Karachi ,Pakistan attaining the age of 60 years and entering in the community of Senior Citizen.Hope you people will welcome in your camp.
I have written my Auto-Biography upto my yuth which can be seen to my blogpost of
My E-mail Nos are,,, and . My icq Chat No.314377403, Skype No.razikhan786 and
MSN No. Face Book Twitter @Razi1952 .
I want to be an active member of the senior citizen Foundation as I am an energetic man and have my vision and mission.
I worked more than 27 years as Government officer ,thereafter as Country Manager in abroad and now rendering my job as Consultant.
My vision is that the Senior Citizens are the most respectable persons of the Human Society. They must be highly regarded in the society and given Top-Priority in all the Functionery works by the society and the Government. The Government Functioneries of the countries all over the world can achieve their objects with the expertise of the senior citizens in every walks of life for the betterment.
My mission is welfare of the the senior citizens ,their hospitality, change the present status , their medication,enhance their quality of life and to solve their livelihood problems. The senior citizen must be provided all the fundamental necessities ,their rehabilitions and all basic needs .

I am deeply concern briefed above offer my freelance services in this respect and want to affiliate & associate in this cause.
With best regards
Razi ullah khan
E-mail :

Please see my email reply sent today your contact as esired would be appreciated.
Duago, Sincerely yours M.Mazhar ikhlaq 042 35890887

Can anybody solve my livelihood problem? I am 63, have been doing private jobs. At the moment, I’m jobless, have kids to support. I have good command over English and Urdu language. I am good at doing translation, search, feature/article writing. Why the overage person/senior citizen doesn’t have the right to employment.

Senior citizens are the real architects of this country they have worked in strenuous conditions in absence of present day automation and comforts. Till now no visible relief has been implemented by our govts whether it is federal or provincial. The parliamentarians are sitting on the Draft bill since 2007. It is shameful .

Assalam Alaikum sir, I’m from Pakistani got to know that ur organization is helping poor for hajj. ALLAH will you give jazaye khair. My mother is 70 years and my dad is 69 .They are always crying to perform hajj in their life time. Their last desire to go for hajj but our financial conditions is very poor. They are only waiting for hajj. ALLAH will bless you please send my parents fr hajj & make their pray full fill. my mail is

I have attained the age of 60 and throughout my service I have worked in a private organization where ” pensioner’s benefits” were the forbidden words. Well ! I made small savings every month from my salary with a hope that if I invest them in National Saving Certificates for senior citizens, the monthly profit would give me some respectability to have the feel of being self-sufficient.

Unfortunately the progressive decline in profit of Behbood Certificates having been slashed to the lowest limit in 2016 and it makes me wonder if our Able Government is even aware of the problems faced by the elderly population.

Imagine a household where elderly people are still paying for the house rentals, utility bills and putting food on the table for the entire family. Not to mention, the hospital bills and other amenities of daily life. Believe me, life for people like us had never been so challenging as it is now. The retired people are entitled to respectability and the least the Government can do is not to decrease the profit on their hard earned savings.

Those who decide our fate, please consider that we old people were productive once and if you want to acknowledge our services, then do have a look at the profit margins of Behbood Certificates and give us a dignified relief .

Good governance is enabling people to be self-sufficient.Any more ideas are welcome at

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